Saturday, September 26, 2015

All I Wanted Was An Oil Change

Below you'll find a complaint I sent to Pep Boy's customer service which eventually ended with a phone call from the location asking me what I wanted as far as compensation and a month later, a free oil change.

Complain if you feel like your time is being wasted - it won't kill you... just get you a free oil change.

Pep Boys Clermont
1437 Sunrise Plaza Dr
Clermont, FL 34714
(352) 536-1177



To all whom oversee the location stated above and to all whom believe customer service is at the forefront of in-person services, I write this to you.

Today, March 21st, 2015, I went through my mobile device and set an appointment for an oil change at exactly 3:00 P.M. I received a coupon for a conventional oil change at just $19.99 and so, I believed it to be a great time to get my oil checked from Wal-Mart or Tire Kingdom, two locations I usually choose over Pep Boys.

I've been a customer of Pep Boys before and out of about the three or four times that I have chosen Pep Boys over its competitors, I have only been satisfied once. However, my car was in need of an oil change and the price was very economic so, I chose to set aside the past experiences at this particular location in Clermont and I set my appointment.

The pure reason as to which I am writing to you today is because of the lack of customer service at this particular location. It's not up to par with even the likes of WalMart.

The very first thing that already made me feel uncomfortable about having chosen Pep Boys was that as soon as I was in the store I had to wait for about two to three minutes just to be attended, even though there was already a gentleman at the computer doing other work that could have stopped, assisted, and then continued on with his work. Sometimes associates have important work that may need immediate attention and I get it. However, this happens almost every time I walk into a Pep Boys. I work in retail as well and we all know that if your customer service is not up to par it will show in both your entire team and your reputation which, as of this moment, has turned away another customer.

The two men at the front desk did not look like they were all too excited to be working and one actually kept repeating the same line to multiple customers both on and off the phone; "Just livin' the dream because no one else is." One of the gentlemen's names were John, the other wore glasses and had a 5 o'clock shadow, fair skin, and seemed to be balding at the top. Pardon my description and lack of a name for the other gentleman.

Once I did have assistance they were quick to get my information, took my keys like usual, and told me they'd get my car right on in. So, like I always do, I go ahead and sit down in the lobby and wait.

After about 30 minutes I choose to go and poke my head outside to see what is taking so long. I did this simply because when going to WalMart they usually take about 15-20 minutes for the oil change along with their other services listed at the bottom of their auto services website: . I also kept in my mind the fact that Pep Boys doesn't just do the oil change as they also do other services that will help me in the long run such as the complimentary vehicle inspection during my oil change so, at that point, I was okay with the length of time.

What I saw when I went outside to look at my car was what really threw me off and disappointed me because in the back of my head I knew that I would see an all too familiar sight. There were two workers in their uniform close to my vehicle: one with a drink in his hand laughing and another desperately trying to remove what looked like the residue of a sticker from his tool compartment. NO ONE was tending to my vehicle. Not a single person. The hood was up with everyone else seemingly fooling around and doing nothing to the car. They saw me standing there looking at them and no one did anything at all. If my oil change was done already the least they could have done was told me. Other workers would walk by them minding their own business as the two men carried on trying to take a sticker off. Seriously? Do you pay your associates to fool around in a, what should be, professional environment? It really bothered me that no one was tending to my vehicle, but apparently it was a great coincidence that at the moment I stepped out to look at my vehicle and for after what was about four to six minutes I went inside, they told me they were waiting on me to tell me other issues my vehicle had. These "boys" are men enough to look at me, a customer who was clearly standing outside in broad daylight staring at his vehicle, to come on in because they were done.

What a waste of time it is to go somewhere expecting quality, quick service (which is what a poster literally stated inside of the facility) and ending up with an hour long oil change.

Tyron, the service manager even came out and told me the problems/issues they with my car other than the oil change and said, "Well, we tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen," all while not making eye contact and smirking and walking away.

Some service manager.

If you are going to run a renown car repair business, run it with the customer's intentions and concerns and a company first mindset, not a son and pop mechanic shop.

I hope someone replies back because I'm sure I'm not the only person who deals with this location's lack of agility, accountability, and responsibility.

Thank you,

Juan Bernal

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